Sunday, January 13, 2008

This Says Everything!

As been seen in some of my previous posts, certain companies just don't seem to care about thier consumers. I like to write companies about their crappy products because I want them knowing that I care. Recently I wrote to my organic farm telling them that they sent me an overly ripe avocado and a smashed kiwi. I was only writing them so that in the future they could send me a underripe avacodo and to bag my kiwi's, because in a sense I understand that lots more could go wrong during the delivery since they are 1500 miles away. The letter they sent me back makes me further feel validated in my choice to pay money to small buisnesses that care about thier product. Here is the letter:

"Dear Michele,

Thank you for your comments concerning your Green Grocery order. We
pride ourselves on providing the highest quality produce box and want to
ensure your complete satisfaction. Please do let us know if you receive any items
that are not of good quality so that we may rectify the problem. We have credited
your CSA account $4.75 for the avocados. Please try ordering this and other
items on your next delivery! We will also replace your kiwi in your next delivery with
a same or similar item. Hearing from members assists us in identifying problems
and allows us toimprove our program. We appreciate your feedback and support.
CSA Team"


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