Friday, May 29, 2009

Family Barbeque

Into our Bikes

Happy Birthday to Ruby!

Moxy is trying to sneak up on Ruby but it seems that Ruby is one step ahead and is ready for the headlock move.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Break up of the Kuskokwim Done

The break up of the river is pretty much complete, but flooding is suppose to continue due to the large amount of water and ice melt coming down river. We are not sure how long our house will be surrounded by water.

There has been a lot of spectators going by our street and taking pictures. Friends have been calling to see if we were okay. Ruby's little friend Isabel saw that our house was surrounded by water and told her mother, "Oh know I can never visit Ruby now." When she called to talk to Ruby she said, "Ruby you okay?"

Moxy grabbed Ruby's shoes and headed down the stairs to try to play in the water.

Below: Greg, Moxy, and Andrew are standing around watching all the action, while Ruby and I got a canoe ride from a neighbor girl. She was charging people 2.00 to get a canoe trip to their homes. She broke 50.00 within 4 hours.

Pretty sunset around 11:15 PM. I am sure excited for spring :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Flood update #2

The kids are checking out the wood that Greg so nicely tied together, explode. Greg and Andrew were able to recover the wood .

Greg is showing how deep it is in our back yard. It is about 7 feet deep where he is floating.

I am reminded of Huckle Berry Finn. This is an old city of bethel boardwalk that I dragged from the dump area. Greg did not know that it would come in so handy.

Andrew got a lot of water in his boots.

Flood Update

It is like we are living in a swamp in the South. The ducks are coming close to our house for viewing. The kids just kind of hang out of the window watching the water. Very interesting stuff.

Shoveler Ducks.

They have had to close our road off, but people are still able to drive through with trucks. The people living down the street are pretty much right in the middle of the swamp. The river is closed below Bethel, which means the back up of icebergs and logs are going to continue to create flooding. Lets not forget...we have FLOOD INSURANCE! ;)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Flooding Before the River Break Up

The river is still frozen, officially, not broken up yet. People are getting really excited about this break up as you can see ice jams up the river which means a loud and aggressive break up. This also means that we are most definitely headed for a flood.

Our back yard is already flooding. This usually does not begin until after the river breaks. Greg says I have to think positive thoughts so that it doesn't flood our house.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lumber Jack

The river is most likely going to flood our area when it breaks up, and Greg is having to work double time to cut the wood. Our area has not flooded since we moved into our house in 2004. Our neighbors say that this winter has had all the ingredients for a big flood. Don't worry we have flood insurance. :)