Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Attempt at a Couple's Photo

Greg is messing with me in this photo.  We were not trying to match, but I thought it was funny that we picked the same attire.  

Trucks Don't Float

The River thawed out a little due to the weather getting warmer, it looks like someone attempted to get back to land and fell through the shell ice layer.  I am not sure what happens now for this truck, as the temps are going to get cold again.  You can see a truck driving in the middle of the river in the background.  The river is safe to drive on, but you got to be careful around the river banks.  

The Dog Race

Dog racer is taking off for the K-300.  It was a cold day compared to the warmer weather that we had been having.  Greg and Andrew are in this picture can you spot them?
                          This little girl told me that her grandmother made her this warm coat, I couldn't help but take a picture of her with Ruby because it was so beautiful.  
                                                Andrew and his friend at the starting gate.

Moxy was a little cold on this day as the wind chill put the temp below zero. We hung out in the car most of the time to stay warm.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Nice Day for Broomball

Greg was able to play broomball with Andrew on the river. They played for 3 hours while the kids and I went from the river back to the car to stay warm. They eventually fell asleep and had a nice nap.  It was crazy because the temperature went from about 35 degrees to 8 degrees literally overnight. There was some river overflow but the day was really great. I don't recall any wind.

Andrew holding Ruby next to the ice rink and Ruby gets a better view of the game.

Sun's gone down, and the cold gets colder.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Andrew Singing for Bethel

Andrew played the spoons and sang with his band called "Honey Barbara". Andrew also played a spoon solo, and everyone in the crowd got really excited. He seems to be Bethel's favorite spoon player, maybe only spoon player. We are so impressed with him, and we were able to watch him while Moxy and Ruby were melting down.