Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Moxy...Big 2

Moxy anxiously waiting to eat his cake and blow out his candle. Ruby decided to help by lighting the candle. She had a hard time understanding that it was Moxy's birthday this time. She kept asking if her birthday could be tomorrow.
Moxy grabbed his toy out of his birthday bag, ran to the bedroom and played with it, thinking that noone saw him. He then took the toy and tried to put it back into his birthday bag.
Singing happy birthday, he likes to hear this song.

earlier on his birthday, we picked up Isabelle and went to the park. This is where all the bigger kids play after school. The kids love it.
Moxy loves to get into the bubble and press his face against it. At least he doesn't lick it.
Ruby was told to wait and we would decorate the cake after it was frosted. When I turned my back, she had grabbed the blue sprinkles and dumped them over his cake. When I asked her why she didn't listen to me and wait. She said, "I'm a princess and it made me happy." I really have no clue where she got that line.

Moxy is being goofy.
Uncles helping him with his new running shoes. He ran up and down the kitchen pretty much for the rest of the night.

Ruby got frosting on her foot, and did not want to waste it. So she started licking it off. She has pretty good flexibility.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Nice Day for a Nap in the Driveway

Moxy decided to take a nap in the driveway while playing outside.  He actually went from a protest to sleep.
Our new landscaped side of the house.  We had to haul those rocks one by one to make our new garden.
Ruby picking flowers that have grown over the last month.  Things really do grow here.