Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Break up of the Kuskokwim Done

The break up of the river is pretty much complete, but flooding is suppose to continue due to the large amount of water and ice melt coming down river. We are not sure how long our house will be surrounded by water.

There has been a lot of spectators going by our street and taking pictures. Friends have been calling to see if we were okay. Ruby's little friend Isabel saw that our house was surrounded by water and told her mother, "Oh know I can never visit Ruby now." When she called to talk to Ruby she said, "Ruby you okay?"

Moxy grabbed Ruby's shoes and headed down the stairs to try to play in the water.

Below: Greg, Moxy, and Andrew are standing around watching all the action, while Ruby and I got a canoe ride from a neighbor girl. She was charging people 2.00 to get a canoe trip to their homes. She broke 50.00 within 4 hours.

Pretty sunset around 11:15 PM. I am sure excited for spring :)

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