Saturday, January 12, 2008

More About that Organic Produce

This is an actual White carrot, and it is delicious. Even better, Greg doesn't really like carrots so I can camoflage it in a meal and he has no clue that he is being healthy.

This is very cool "blue potatoe" even though it looks purple. I had these when my parents were visiting, they got a kick out of them at the time too.

There is a lot I could say right now about my growing love for organic produce. When my box arrives it literally feels like christmas. It is so fun trying to eat all of those fruits and vegetables before the next box comes, and because it costs a pretty penny to have shipped here, Greg cannot turn it down because he knows it needs to be ate. I highly recommend CSA farm coops for anyone interested in eating better and not buying from China. It feels good knowing where my box of fruits and vegetables come from. Greg's brother Andrew has spent the last couple of summers working on CSA farms and he could probaly tell you about the love and sweat that goes into these types of farms. Go Andrew! Maybe someday the whole family can come together and start their own farm somewhere.

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