Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Babies new Chariot Stoller

Our Chariot stoller arrived a couple of days ago. We are so excited about it because it we got a pretty good deal. We got our's from REI, and they took 50.00 off, I guess because they gave me a hard time about getting it out to Bethel. This is the 2007 model so it was about 150.00 cheaper than the 2008 even though it is almost exactly the same. This stoller converts into a jogger, a ski cart, and you can get a hiking attachment and pull it on trails. We cannot wait to use it in the lower 48 on hiking trips. Actually I can't imagine taking this hiking, but people do. Right now the weather here is -30 so we can't go outside. It is rated to -4 degrees though. I am going to make Moxy and Ruby little sleeping bag warmers.

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