Thursday, August 5, 2010

Their Home...and Did They Get Logs! Part one.

This picture sums up how we felt about them being home. They looked really tired. The fun was just getting started when they made it to this point. This was about 5:15pm. It took until 1:00am to cut and haul it home. Kristy and I helped to haul the logs up to the boat to haul back, but after the first run home, this super nice man told us to use his truck to help move things along quicker. Later in the night when we thanked him, he said "that's what neighbors do. " And speaking of neighbors, our neighbors (The Whites) came by the river, and took our tired kids home to their house at like 11:00pm. Not to mention Kristy and Andrew breaking their backs to help us. Makes me feel really grateful to live amongst such generous people.
They made it back on a good day in Bethel. The water was calm on the Kuskokwim river. They told us that it took 14 hours to get down the Kasiglak river, and luckily they found our friends fish camp at 2:30AM last night. Their fish camp is about 1 hour (on our boat) from Bethel. It took from 10:00am until 4:30Pm to make it to Bethel. Greg said "we were going so slow, it would have made you cry."

Some of the log raft.

A big boy log.

Pretty rainbow, while moving wood.
They are tired but I thought a litle delirious. Below: the last log at 1 am.

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