Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last Trip-Kisaralik River

Sun dance. The sun came out on this night, after rain.

I finally caught a sockeye salmon. We went down some side stream and found a nice fishing hole with lots of sockeye. We could see them in the water as the water started clearing up after several days of rain. We were so excited, Greg nearly dove into the water with the net to make sure this fish made it to shore.

Moxy wanting some sun on his bum. Fishing from the boat with Ruby. "got one."

silver salmon. We found a fishing hole off the main river, and caught fish from the boat. We probably lost 8 lures in this hole.

Last day to fish. The water is just starting to clear up, and go down. Greg caught a greyling that was very descent in size. Big Girth. We don't want to stop fishing, and we don't want to go home yet.
Greg found a big spruce tree and cut up fire wood. Plan is to bring it home if it will fit on the boat.

We camped on an island that was slowly dissapearing on us as the water kept rising. It was a nice camp site, and we didn't get flooded.

Trying to fish in bad weather and muddy water. We were pretty desperate to find fish. Ruby just wanted to play in the mud.

We slowly had to throw rounds out of the boat to get back on step.We tried shifting them around in the boat and eventually were sitting on them. We got down to seven rounds before the boat could step it up. Very sad deciding what round would get tossed.

We got home at about 11:30PM. We had a hard time leaving because the fishing was just getting good.

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