Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Ruby with Isabell playing with house rain. They were pretending to be showering. It has been raining non stop for at least three weeks (I am not exaggerating). The nicest weather we had was when greg and andrew went and got logs, and it has been raining again since. I am told over and over by people that this is normal Bethel weather. August is the rainiest month of the year. We cannot be inside any longer, and decided to tough it out and get wet.
Ruby and Moxy playing in the mud. They did this for hours. People seemed to feel bad for them, getting wet and muddy, but the kids seemed to prefer cold, wet, and muddy over dry, warm and clean. I think this is the case with most kids.

Bethel limousine. There is hummer here too, I rode in it with the kids at a wedding and it was a great way to view Bethel. Now I know the words to Lady Gaga. :) This limo brought Kristy home from work, because they appreciate her. I appreciate you too Kristy! Actually the owner is taking the limos out of Bethel, because kids keep throwing rocks at them. Kristy announced this on the radio in support of the owner.
CABIN FEVER. Ruby dressed up Moxy. Greg asked him if he was going to go to the store in his tutu. He told Greg "yep." Ruby responded with "No Moxy you can't wear that tutu or the cops will pull us over.'

Ruby teaching Moxy how to brush his teeth. Amazingly he did not bite her.

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