Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pickling Cucumbers

These are bread and butter pickles. This is my second attempt at pickling cucumbers. I have never actually canned before, and did not realize that the "pop of the lid" may not occur until after you take them out of the hot bath. These all popped immediately. My first attempts are refrigerated, because I was not patient enough to wait for the POP.

These are some of the first pickles inside a sandwich. This is homemade bread gone bad, but worked for sandwich making. For the bread I used that "NO Knead Bread recipe" from the New York times. My bread did not work, because it was left to rise for a whole day after the initial 22 hours of rising. It got air bubbles though. :)
My first canning attempt. Hopefully they won't grow botulism. :) I used rainbow carrots with the pickles, that's why the water is pink.

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