Friday, August 6, 2010

Logging Part Two

This is not a fishing story, but even on a logging trip you have to fish.

Andrew's rainbow trout, 20 inches long and big wide body.

Greg's silver salmon, nice red color.
This tree earlier in the day got away from them, but they found it down river.
Towing logs to their log camp.

Nice log raft. They used bolts and rope to create.
I am impressed that our little boat pulled this load. Greg thinks all this weighed approximately 12,000 pounds. They called the big logs on the side of the raft "the cannons", because they powered (blasted) through river debris, and protected the load.
Andrew. You can guess what he is thinking.

The load on the inside of the boat. Notice how calm and smooth the water is.

Above: They explained that when they first started the water moved more quickly, and they had to keep the logs closer to the boat to control them. This river has a lot of turns. Below: As they moved into the water down river they moved the logs farther back to keep the logs out of the motor's wake.
This is at the mouth of the kasiglak, where it meets the kuskokwim river. This was about 11:30PM.
Turtle pace.
This is about 12:30am, and the light is slipping away quickly. Luckily they found our friend's fish camp in the dark at about 2:30AM.
Greg jumped in due to the heat.
Standing on the log raft.

Cutting up "the cannons."

The kids are so happy to see daddy and uncle.

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