Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hot Diggity Dog-Making History

Go Jen Peeks! This is from this morning, but she left last night.  She is the first woman to win the Bogus 150.  This is a 150 mile dog race up river and back.

We found Elenor and Sean above.   We went to eat at Main Street Restaurant before the dog race.  They put us in some  private room.  Maybe to keep us from the other customers.  Eddy exposed. 

Eddy wrapped up in my coat.  He was snug and seemed to like being out.

The left is Lance Macky and his team.  He is a 4 time Iditarod champion.  This year our K-300 interests are more sparked than ever, as there is a lot of dog mushers from the area who are competitors. 

Cars on the river facing the fireworks, we think the site is pretty.

Eddy looking cute.  Susan sent me a down snow suit and warm sweater.  Perfect timing Susan.  Eddy stayed super warm.  Still smiling after sub-zero degree temps.

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s. maddrey said...

Total Cuteness! Oh my what fun! Lyles just grew into a Moxy hand-me-down bunting that Eddy can wear next year!