Thursday, January 5, 2012

Collards and Logs

 Andrew and Kristy were on our minds today.  Not only can you bake kale but collard greens bake into chips also.  I ate a whole head of collard greens today, and two weeks ago I ate a whole head of kale.  Recipe is as followed and given to me by Kristy.  Olive oil, tumeric, garlic salt, nutritional yeast and pepper.  I also add a little cumin because I am coo coo for cumin. I am more coo coo for the Nutritional yeast.  I bake them at 290 degrees and begin taking them out after 15 minutes.  Yum Yum Yum.  I am a little addicted and find myself very disappointed when kale does not come in our vegetable box. 
 Andrew, Greg wanted you to see that it takes three whole birch logs to warm our house right now.  Nice and toasty.  You guys should come back now...okay?

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Kristy and Andrew said...

Awww, so nice to see you're thinking of us. Yum, kale chips! We've definitely not been eating as well since we've ben on the road. Missing some good veggie treats.

Can't believe you guys are getting such a cold and stormy winter. Yikes, stay warm! Good thing you have so much wood and a sweet stove. Crazy to think that it's 120 degrees warmer where we're at! And apparently we just can't seem to leave Florida.

Moxy and Eddy look so cute in that picture. Missing you all we are. :-)

You should be getting a package from us soon- Christmas #2.