Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kefir for Ruby and I

Kefir with tundra blueberries.
 I recieved a box of Kefir powder recently from Susan.  Susan did you know that I absolutely love Kefir, even though it seems to make people disgusted.  Whenever, I leave Bethel I usually get a bunch from the grocery store (cost approx. 4-5 dollars a bottle).  So I asked the local yogurt maker about the kefir powder.  She told me about someone who was using and growing the Kefir grains, and I went and got some of his extras.  Thus- the kefir craze has started.  Here is the Wikipedia explanation of Kefir.

(Kefir  (From Wikipedia)
Kefir grains, which are a Probiotic that contain Yeast and live bacteria, are used to make kefir
Kefir (pronounced /kəˈfɪər/ kə-feer [2]) (alternately kefīrs, keefir, kephir, kewra, talai, mudu kekiya, milkkefir, búlgaros) is a Probiotic fermented milk drink made with Kefir Grains that originated with shepherds of the North Caucasus region, who discovered that fresh milk carried in leather pouches would occasionally ferment into an effervescent beverage. It is prepared by inoculating cow, goat, or sheep's milk with kefir grains. Traditional kefir was made in skin bags that were hung near a doorway; the bag would be knocked by anyone passing through the doorway to help keep the milk and kefir grains well mixed.[3]

Marco Polo mentions kefir in recounting his travels.)
                                                Kefir Grains. Rubbery, they multiply.

Kefir with milk.

 I put milk on top of the grains and let it sit for a night or a couple days. The longer it sits the fizzier it gets (slightly carbonated, milk does not go bad).  In the left hand photo, the drink is ready, the milk whey is on the bottom. 

Ruby helps me strain the kefir.  She loves it!  Moxy literally spit it out on the floor.
straining the grains, we will put strained grains into clean jar and restart the process.

drink it up yum!

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s. maddrey said...

We are totally into our kefir grains too! So funny you are so far away, yet we still do the same things!