Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012...Where Did 2011 Go?

Happy New Year.  This is the temperature in the new year.  This is the real deal, no wind included.  It has not been cold like this in a while. Just in case you cannot see the thermometer it says -32.

Eddy looking cute.   What a special gift for Christmas.  

Ruby spent Christmas on the couch, feeling nauseated all day.  She did not even want to play with her toys.  That's sick.  She kind of has a green tint. 
 "I am optimus prime!"  The toy that gives me goosebumps. 

 Moxy got his gun, little dart gun.  He's been good with it.  We had concerns for what seems like obvious reasons.  But, we decided to let him be a full out boy from Alaska.  

Christmas holiday weekend spent in one big slumber party.  We were sick and tired for about three days straight. 

Lots of fun though. We are like hibernating bears

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 


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