Wednesday, December 12, 2007

organic food with wings

All of this cost 60.00, yes it's true. Seems like a lot of money. Usually I pay 44.00 but I bought some extra onions and elephant garlic. This is still cheaper than Bethel produce, and it is flown over 2000 miles by Alaska Airlines, so it gets to my house in really good shape. Our supplier is Full Circle Farms in Carnation Washington.
let see, we got:
1 elephant garlic
1 regular garlic
4 kiwis
4 lbs of potatoes
6 zucinni
6 garnet yams (I like that name)
6 onions
2 green bell pepeprs
4 apples
4 really yummy red pears
4 oranges

1 comment:

Susan Maddrey said...

All that would probably cost me around 35 to 45 dollars. So I think you are getting a good deal.