Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mainstream Propaganda

I really dislike this magazine I honestly tried to like it. They have articles that make me angry, because they go against my ways of being a parent. God knows I am not a perfect parent, but this magazine won't help me be any better.
Here are a few things that I disagreed with:

1) One of the articles said that since there was no evidence that pesticides harm babies or children then it is okay to keep feeding your child fruits and vegetables smothered in pesticides. I wrote to the author and asked her why she would even want to take the chance with your child. Who knows when the evidence will come out. She wrote me back and told me that she understood how I felt but wrote her article to the mainstream mom.

2) They recently wrote an article explaining that co-sleeping with your child was dangerous, and babies who co-sleep are 40 times more likely to die by suffocation. Obviously, the author did not do her research because babies in beds who die often get squished by their intoxicated parent. Kids die in cribs too. Most parents that I know that co-sleep are careful and like me they wouldn't do their sleeping arrangement any other way.

3)They say, "a flu vaccine is the best way to prevent your child from getting seriously sick this winter-so why do so many parent's blow it off." They suck! They even went as far to say the vaccine is completely safe...ya right! Who are they to accuse parent's of sitting around eating bon bon's instead of getting their child a shot. I think I'll eat bon bon's today instead of taking Ruby to get her flu shot, what do you think greg? They even said that 20,000 children die per year. I want to know how many of those children were from impoverished families that did not have access to health care or the money to buy medicine. Yes in the USA. That would be a better story. you suck "parent's magazine" I wish you would stop showing up in my mailbox!

There is more but I have to cook dinner. THe author would probaly be upset to know that I am wearing Ruby while I cook.
Mainstreatm propaganda, mainstream propaganda, Mainstreatm propaganda, mainstream propaganda

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Susan Maddrey said...

It kept showing up in my mail box too and after canceling twice it no longer arrives. Thank God! You should try Cookie and really puke!