Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So I wrote the Redvine Company a while back and asked them to make a red and black twist licorice vine. They didn't write back and or even acknowledge that I made a suggestion that could bring them in new customers. But if you look at that bag of licorice you can see that there is a whole bunch of black licorice. Thank god....I can't stand lots of red licorice, you got to have black to mix with the red. This is the first time I have ever seen that much black in a bag.

Again, I wrote to the redvine company to remind them about my red and black twist licorice idea. I still have not recieved an email from them acknowledging my idea. There must be more people like me in the world that would love a red and black twisted together. I guess I will keep emailing them.

And again, I wrote to the redvine company again but from another one of their website. Here is a fun fact. The redvine company is located in Bend Oregon. I had no idea that it was an oregon company. Maybe that's why people eat twizzlers on the east coast.

So this is the recent email I received from the Redvine Company:

"Dear Michele,
Thank you for your message on Redvines.com

Red Vines® products currently come in Original Red, Black Licorice,
Pink Strawberry and Red Cherry flavors. Please visit RedVines.com or
our online candy store, CandyCabinet.com
(http://www.candycabinet.com) for more information on the flavors we

American Licorice Consumer Relations"

This is a very dissapointing reply as I already know what flavors they offer. I am just going to keep writing back until I get a better reply. Like "gee what a great idea!"

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