Monday, August 4, 2008

Salmonberry Picking

This is what a salmonberry looks like. It has a mild sweet flavor that is unique and better to me in a jam. The berry's scatter the tundra in patches. They go fast.

Ruby and I went down river with the White's. This is Ruby sitting with Kayla and friends.

There were signs of wildlife. This included moose and wolf. Wolf probaly looking for moose :). People bring rifle's on these trips because black bear roam the area. I was looking over my shoulder a lot and kept a close eye on Ruby.

It is not visible but we took a slough off of the main kuskokwim river and headed toward a land mark called "lonely mountain." The tundra was gorgeous and alive. Ruby enjoyed the salmonberry's but also ate the tundra blueberry's which are close to being ripe. We will go blueberry, blackberry, and cranberry picking before this season is over.

Dorothy grew up in Bethel and can recall berry picking camp. This is where her family would camp for days focused on gathering a large supply of salmonberry's. This is the area she used to come to as a child.

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