Saturday, August 9, 2008


The Fireweed plant is used to tell time, from spring to fall. Depending on the bloom and then when it starts to go to seed, the fireweed plant provides information to the people of the area. It shows what type of salmon is running in the river to what berries are ready to eat. I like the fireweed plant because of it's color and in the fall the leaves turn bright red.

We went on a walk and came upon all these people in boats waiting to sell their fish. It was a pretty hot day here today, at least in the 70's with a nice breeze. People in the area are given a specific time that they can do commercial fishing along the river. This was once a great way for people in the area to make money. Unfortunately it does not provide a great fortune due to rising gas prices $5.85 and decrease in salmon price. In the 80's salmon would be about 1000.00 per barrel. It is now about 400.00 per barrel.

It looks like there are two different companies paying for fish. I thought the alignment of the boats looked nice.

A big crane dumps the fish into the barrel, then the fish are iced and taken to the airport to go to some big fish cutting plant . Ruby's cute little chubby dirty feet after a day of playing along the river.

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