Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deperately Trying to Get the Blueberry's

Moxy joined us for berry picking for the first time today. We put a bug net over the carrier so that those darn "Noseeum's" couldn't get him. He was pretty pleased for about 30 minutes, eventually Ruby decided that it was fun to lift the bug net and let the bugs get Moxy. The bugs were so bad today, but so many blueberry's. We will have to try to tomorrow. Moxy will get to go everytime now that we figured out how to keep the bugs off.

A woman from Chevak came up to Ruby while we were out on the tundra asking what Ruby's Yupik name was. Her yupik name is AYUK which mean to be in a hurry, or moving quickly around. The lady got all excited and said, "that's my mother's name. I came all the way to Bethel to find my mother." Then she gave Ruby a big hug and a granola bar. She said that she was drawn to Ruby from across the tundra, and knew that she must know her. No this lady was not crazy, she was very sweet. Some yupik people are strong beleivers in names; And feel that their loved ones in spirit are in some people. I guess Ruby had the spirit of an elder inside of her on this day.

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