Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Best Pizza so Far

We eat homemade Pizza about 3 times per week. We really like pizza. However, we still have not found a perfect recipe. Some dough have come close and are fine to use, but nothing really grabs us. I am looking for pizza bubbles and cracker crust just like Pietro's pizza in Oregon. I am also look for a major response from Greg, I need to hear him say "this is the best so far."

Well we figured it out. We took our favorite dough recipe, form it in the food processor. Eat one pizza and put the other dough in the refridgerator. There is something about keeping the second dough in the fridge that makes it more yeasty and yummy for later. Also, we coat the bottom of the pizza in semonila flour, which is a smaller grain than corn meal, and slide the pizza onto a hot pizza stone at 550 degrees. I'd go higher, but this is as hot as the oven gets! We used to put the pizza on the middle rack, but we changed it to the bottom rack, this has created a cracker bottom crust. These simple things have created a delicious pizza, just like the fancy resturants. Greg finally said without prompting "this is the best so far!"

We added 1 tablespoon of gluten to each cup of flour last week. This made a really chewy pizza, also good. We also have tried using bread good. cooking pizza has been a good science experiment.

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