Saturday, May 17, 2008

End Of Break Up...No Flood

This is the time of the year that we thank goodness for flood insurance. However...our area did not flood. Usually when the river breaks we begin to see flooding the same day, but this year it took the river three days before it began bringing the debris that plugs up river flow and then causes the area to flood.

This is a good time for people who are brave to get in there boats and grab big logs. I think you have to have a lot of experience though, because the river is actually flowing really quick, and those logs are huge. One of my coworkers went seal hunting recently and he told me that he was in the Bering Sea. He explained that the ice freezes up quickly around the boats, and they would have to pick up the boat drag it across shallow ice, and try to break up the ice to set the boat back into. He captured 1 bearded seal, 1 harbor seal, and two Eider ducks. He has been boating in ice for many years though, so he made it sound easy to move around the sea with ice everywhere.

There was a lady standing by the river tonight, and she kept turning around saying, "there's a seal." She then showed me a picture of a rabbit trapped on top of ice flowing down the river. She said, "poor rabbit all trapped going out to sea." I told her that he probaly jumped from ice cube to ice cube until he made it to shore. I hate sad endings.

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