Monday, February 13, 2012

The Weather Made it to 37 Degrees...Yippy.

I wanted to introduce everyone to my new Roller Derby Skating shoes.  They are really actually "hand made" in the USA. USA, USA, USA.  I love them so far.  No blisters and I can really make good turns.  There is a whole bunch of roller derby players in Bethel right now, and none of us know what we are doing.  So much fun, I can barely walk though. 

Moxy, Cole, and Jackson eating pizza.  Moxy woke up and said, "Mom I want Jackson to come over...Now. 
We went to a carnival and they were selling Yupik language t-shirts.  Moxy says "my mom loves me" and Ruby's says "My dad loves me." 
Greg in the Red Dragon with our children. 
Playing a little t-ball on the snowy tundra. 

Eddy and I hanging out.  He seems to love the cold weather. 
Waiting for the sled

Greg was giving Eddy a little bit of moose stew.  And Eddy was trying to slurp it down.  We have not started Eddy on solids, but greg sneaks in little "tastes."


Michele said...

Michele, I have a question: why do you always post the worst possible pictures of me? Thanks, Greg

Kristy and Andrew said...

Yes, YES! We love this post! Michele, you are gonna lay a serious hurtin' down playing roller derby. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Wish I was there to play too! What a workout I bet.

Love the outdoor shots with the kids and the Red Dragon! Wow, those are your children in there. Cole and Jackson looking so cute too.

Greg, come one, the pics aren't so bad of you. Love the one with Eddy. You guys look like loggers. :-)

Glad you got a reprieve from the blustery cold. We're heading into Oregon today- woo hooo!

s. maddrey said...

Oh...are those bad photos of you Greg? We wouldn't know because that is all we get to see of you! We think you look good!

Michele! So psyched on the roller derby. Hope we get to see some video of it sometime! MIss you!