Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jello Mold Obsession

I like trying to make pretty colors, but for some reason we are limited to jello colors in Bethel
Look at those legs. 

Love layers.
This mold had peaches at the bottom, no layers.  The white condensed milk helps show layers better.  These are like finger jello.  Probaby not too healthy, but really is a nice yummy treat.
OOOHHH cool whip.  
He is so fat. 


s. maddrey said...

omg! he is so fat! he would fit right in with lyles! so cute!

s. maddrey said...

p.s. remind me and I will send you some jello colors to die for! I think we have a lot here...but I am just assuming because I never go down that isle....but as always open my eyes to the world. ox