Friday, October 7, 2011

Oregon Grandparents Come For a Visit

Moxy and Papa's seat for the entire trip. Moxy would kick us out of his seat if we sat in it.

My mom brought my aunt Lois with her to Alaska in the form of a doll. Ruby colored a picture of "Lois" and has to sleep with her every night.
Eddy and grandma. I could tell that Eddy missed being in grandma's arms after they left.

Grandma and Papa are Red Sox fans so we went to the local pizza shop to watch it on the big screen. We don't talk about the outcome of the game. Greg and Papa made smoked salmon. It was delicious. Yes I tried some on a cracker.

We tried to pick cranberries on the Tundra but the wind was trying to blow us away.
Grandma went to Ruby's school to eat with her a lot. If she did not show up for lunch, Ruby would ask her why she did not come.
Tundra hike.

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Kristy & Andrew said...

So now that we can comment on your blog you should expect us to comment on every post - we'll try not to be too annoying. The smoked salmon looks so good and is making us drool! It was nice to visit with your parents - I suppose we may see them next before you do! Talk to you soon...