Friday, June 4, 2010

Kasigluk River

This is a rainbow that Greg caught. I thought he caught a salmon because of the the size. We were all screaming about this fish. This was the second time that he caught a fish of this size. The first one "got away". We are not sure how much this fish weighed or how big, but our guess is that is was HUGE.

Ruby using her princess fishing pole. Very serious after she saw the fish in the river.
Moxy fishing with daddy while Ruby and I eat at the boat.

Our first campsite. We stopped here because there was lightening striking near us earlier in the evening. This was a great spot as we were near a couple of ponds and the birds were amazing.

The kids were playing with moose poop building a garden out of the poop. This is not really a bad idea, as moose must have a lot of flower seeds in their poop.

Ruby having a moment on her potty.

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