Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Elmo" Mountain

We were trying to get to Elbow Mountain on the Kwethluk River but stopped just an hour short. This is the first time that we got to this group of mountains, and Elbow Mountain is just beyond. I felt like we could hike there . Moxy started calling Elbow Mountain at one point "Elmo Mountain." He really loves Elmo. When we went to bed this night a mother moose and two calves came out of the water and were right in front of our tent. Even with us making a big comotion , they did not move from us very quickly. They seemed curious about what we were eating because they went over and smelled our kitchen.On Memorial day there was fire up here that burned for a little more than a week . The fire burned right down to the river, and burned the mountain pictured below. The black charred tundra contrasted with the tundra really nicely. Most of this trip the kids went from putting on rain gear to stripping the rain gear off. Moxy would protest the worse to put his rain gear on. Man he is independent.

Moxy 's expression is so telling of what he is thinking. He wants to be fishing with his pole. Greg tied an old Bass lure that looks like a fish (a jitterbug) to his pole and took off the hook. So every time we cast his lure , and he starts reeling the fish in and says "look mom, look dad, I caught one." And then almost everytime Ruby replies, "No that 's not a real fish." And Moxy ignores her. Greg caught a few rainbow. Greg and the kids cooked the fish below and ate it. Moxy loved it, but Ruby wasn't hungry at this moment.

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