Sunday, August 23, 2009

Round 3 up the Kwethluk with a Fishing Rod

We found a nice campsite that overlooked the mountains and gave us a large view of mountain ranges. It also gave us a large fishing area.We decided to bring a fishing rod with us this time for the kids, but Greg got really obsessed with fishing. He caught about 20 fish in two days at camp. Caught fish included rainbow trouts, and graylings.  The one (s) that got away:  Greg had 2 much bigger fish  on line (maybe Dolly Varden or salmon?) but they would jump high out of the water and release themselves.

Kids had fun the first two days watching Greg and I fish, but they soon lost interest and did their own exploring after awhile.

little bear print, probably a baby black bear.

Greg got desperate at one point because he lost all 3 of his fishing lures on snags. We started collecting these berries and tying them to the end of hooks, to imitate salmon eggs.  Tried pouring a little sardine juice over them, but no luck. 

Ruby gives the "thumbs up"  (sideways) as she tries to catch fish on a little stick.

We ran into some rafters from the Oregon area. They supplied Greg with a lure they found so he could resume his fishing expedition.

sheltered from the rain. We would wait little rain showers out under the tarp. All warm together.

Pointing out the float planes up above that were dropping off rafters far up river.  My nursing student friend flies float planes in the summer. We wave from below thinking it may be him passing by.

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