Friday, August 14, 2009

Kisaralik River

A nice warm day on the river.  At this site i can see fish galore.  I feel that I can just reach out and grab them with my bare hands.  

The kids are loving that they are no longer in a boat.  Lots of area to run and let loose.
This is the first campsite that we could park our boat away from the river and start it in calm water.  We loved not having to put the tarp up.  Susan I still love this tent!  Thank you.
Kilbuck mountains turning purple at sunset.  I am not actually sure if they are the Kilbuck Mountains though because we don't have a topo map for this section of the river.

Ruby refusing to go to bed because she knows that mommy and daddy are going to eat chocolate and stay up late.
Greyling in the pool of water.  I think. I believe the bottom picture is silver salmon.

Ruby took this picture.  Greg and I can now have our picture taken together.  She seems to do a great job.
We believe we are camped below Spein Mountain.  We are on a braid of the river that nobody else took and it is our final destination point as we don't think we can push further from here.  

We are celebrating and pleased with our camping spot.  hey that shirt I am wearing is 19 years old.  
Ruby is busting a move, and Moxy is letting me know that he is not going to be following any directions that I may have for him.  :)
Brown bear in the distance.  This is a picture of a sow and her cub.  We left this dead salmon as an offering of peace.  They ate it the next morning.  Don't worry they did not get to close, and they did not seem to even notice us.  

Grizzly from a distance.  So beautiful.  All we had to do was bang our pots and pans and they would run away quickly from us.  

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