Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mud Boots

Mud boots are expensive in Bethel, but they are really needed, as the roads are muddy and full of water about six months of the year. The kids finally get to use their mud boots because the weather is now in the 40's. Playing in the muddy roads is a fun activity in Bethel.

Moxy wants to do everything that Ruby does, but his coordination is not as good yet. Ruby tends to help him a lot. I think she likes that he is starting to play and be her pal.

This is about the 5th time that Moxy's boots got stuck and he would fall backwards into the mud. He was pretty frustrated in this picture because he did not want to get his little sock gloves muddy but that was the only way to get leverage unless mommy helped him back up.

They found a whiskey bottle to kick around. These tend to scatter the road at certain times of the year in Bethel. These bottles go for about 75.00 or more in Bethel.

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