Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food is Yummy and Pretty

Sometimes we forget to change our order for Full Circle Farms and we get stuck with Green Beans. Our greens beans have typically gone to waste. But recently we discovered that they taste really good, and make a pretty picture. I like to eat them whole dipped in hummus, Ruby likes to open them up and eat each pea individually, and Moxy likes to pull the peas off of the bean and hoard them on his eating tray.

We don't like all oranges. All that "orange" species have in common is the color and texture. What you get inside varies on the actual individual orange specie. This Mineola orange is definitly our favorite ORANGE. Sweet and always juicy.

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Susan Maddrey said...

Michele, If nursing does not work out you should try for becoming a photographer for Food and Wine Magazine. Or Bon Appetite. Those photos are amazing.