Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Baby Wrap

I bought a new wrap for Moxy, I figured he could use his own :). I really like this one. It's made out of gauzy material which makes it light weight and nice to use for the hot days of summer. I got it from Gypsy Mama Wraps. It is shorter than the other one, so there is not a ton of fabric hanging over the edge. I was thinking of giving my other wrap to the local kid shelter. They get babies from birth and some are "colicky". I am going to show them how to wear the babies and see if it helps the little ones sleep. They were so cute and little, really broke my heart. In fact I was ready to foster care them and/or adopt them, and called Greg telling him that he could handle two babies and a two year old. He thought I was a bit impulsive. Maybe this is a bit much right now :).

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