Sunday, March 16, 2008

Are our Cleaners that Clean for Us?

The definition of clean from the Webster's dictionary:
clean |klēn| adjective 1 free from dirt, marks, or stains • having been washed since last worn or used • [ attrib. ] (of paper) not yet marked by writing or drawing • (of a person) attentive to personal hygiene• free from pollutants or unpleasant substances.

This was my favorite surface wipe, and made me feel like things were clean around the house. Yah, I always felt a little sick from the smell after cleaning a lot, but I felt better about bacteria and viruses. I have not bought this brand for a while because it got too expensive. I recently read the hazard warning yesterday, and was glad that I have not bought them in a long time. This cannot be good for us as a family because we are in fact HUMAN.

Family=humans - the chemicals=hazardous to humans=not good.

This shows the ingrediants, I do not understand them, this cannot be good either.

I bought these for fun not too long ago. I may stick with them, but bottom line is I can make a cheaper and "cleaner" cleaner :) that is not hazardous to my family's health. I recently have been using vinegar, tea tree oil and lemon essential oil and it doesn't smell great but I still feel clean, and I don't get sick from the smell. Maybe we can avoid cancer.

Interesting enough I understand these ingrediants, and there are not that many in the formula.

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