Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Free Tacos" from Taco Bell

Taco Bell came to Bethel, made us stand in line, flew a truck over our head, had us sign a waiver, even Eddy, filmed a commercial, then finally gave us our free taco. 

Press here for the story:

Some of the lines.

The Taco Bell waiver.

Lots of smiles, and excitement

Moxy trying to sign his name to the waiver.

Angela getting interviewed.

They would interview random people about Bethel rumors.  They brought up the Tom Cruise rumor.

Here comes a helicopter carrying a Taco Bell van.

We thought they may hit the powerline.

There was a mad rush to the Taco Bell van, luckily Ruby ran with the crowd, and I carried Moxy.

Eddy on my back.

Um, this is what we were waiting for, "I'm thirsty."

Greg gets his taco. 

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