Sunday, March 25, 2012

Camai Dance Festival: Ruby's First Yupik Dance

Ruby with her classmates waiting to be called on stage for the Camai Festival.  I could not resist taking lots of pictures and getting in the way of the teachers.  The kids just looked like candy.
Ruby's little friend Ana in a very pretty beaded head dress, and very cute Kuspuk. 
Ruby's little friend Isabel center in a pretty fur head dress. 
For Ruby's first dance, our next door neighbor let Ruby borrow her very special first dance Kuspuk.  Ruby is quite the Yupik dancer, she put in a lot of effort, we are so proud of her.  This is one of Ruby's little classmates.  She is very cute. 
Sarah making Eddy laugh hard.

Moxy being Moxy.  He was dancing in the isle.

Greg enjoying the dancing with Ruby.

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