Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kasiglak River Camping trip #1

trying hard to catch something.

Spein Mountain from a distance.
Little weasle came up to our camp site. He did not seem scared of us at all.

Moxy being goofy.
Ruby is so tired in these pictures. But she just keeps staying awake, drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmellows.

pretty sunset.

My first Dolly Vardon.
Rainbow trout, Greg finally caught his big fish. Greg likes sunscreen, notice his white face.
This is another one, caught right after. Greg only had about 15 minutes to fish this part of the river, because we had to get back to Bethel. It was very difficult cutting him off, as the rainbows were biting.

Big Dolly Vardon trout.

Uncle waving from the road after dropping us off.

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