Saturday, May 21, 2011

Up the Tubungaluk River

It looked like the Alaska State Troopers got to the dock before us, as this is what we came to when we arrived to launch our boat. Only, where was the trooper. His car was running, windows rolled down, guns exposed. He came in about 20 minutes later from the main river saying he didn't think anyone would be coming to launch there boat. I thought the poor guy sunk his boat or something and was under water. Very bizarre scene, he came in on a nice boat though.

We decided to go up the Tubungaluk, which is a small river just outside of Bethel. We thought we could catch pike.

We found porcupine remains on a little hike.

This year Moxy is able to walk on the tundra without any problems, his little legs take him quickly down the animal trails.

We took this photo to scare grandma Houston....oh no....Don't worry..Moxy squished berries on his hands.
Ruby below with her new fishing pole fishing for pike. They fished for a while, then decided they could not fish anymore, fish not biting.

Moxy fishing from the bank. He has still got it.

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