Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Highlights 2010

We have a friend that makes beautiful cookies and taste good too. The kids got really excited to eat these treats.
Ruby and Moxy had a kids table for christmas. They seemed to enjoy being away from the adults at their very own dining area. Ruby eventually fell backwards in her old car seat...we stopped using it. :0
Kristy bid on this pie at a fundraiser. We think it took about two hours to pick all these blueberries used for this pie.
Ruby cozy in her pink robe.
Moxy opening up greg's presents. He would just open up presents without knowing if they belonged to him.
Not sure what greg is doing.

Greg's bottles of sparking cider exploded in the freezer after leaving them in the freezer the night before.
Ruby so proud that lady wants to lay on her lap.
Celebrating the end of the christmas holiday as princesses.

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Cara said...

Hello! My husband and I just came across your blog...SO fun to see photos from fellow Bethel-ites :) your blog makes us Soooo excited about our boat that will be arriving on the first barge!! You've done a great job capturing all your adventures!
Happy New Year!