Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birds and drainage issues...what to do?

We have been trying to attract birds into our back yard, and we finally got the bird we were hoping for....introducing Mr. Pine Grosbeak. I actually noticed this bird when he came to our back yard and started whistling in my face. As soon as I fed him he stopped whistling and seemed very content.

Maybe a female Pine Grosbeak due to the coloring.

This is some type of yellow warbler. There are numerous types of yellow warblers around here, and in fact this may be it's official name for all that I know. I am not sure how to attract more of these birds, but they are hidden in the bushes near the water, and due occasional fly byes.
Our back yard. There is a small fire pit in the middle, and behind the fire pit are two groups of willow trees that I surrounded with rocks. There is a path leading to a aluminum siding and water. I am trying to raise this area with loads of dirt. Very long process and my body is aching from the wheel barrow pushing. I am starting to see the drainage issues. Not sure what to do, except go with the water issue and build a mote in between the group of trees and build a land bridge along the path. Haven't decided how I will handle the situation, as I feel like more dirt will create more drainage issues. What do you think dad?

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