Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 River Break :)...About Time!

The River started moving some time in the morning yesterday, but by the time we got over to look at the river, it had slowed to almost a stop. The river is clear in some parts but in the distance there is no movement.
Above: Greg standing on an iceburg on the river.
Below: That same iceburg about 4 hours earlier is beginning its descent down the river.

This is Bethel's break up bash, and Ruby is standing in front of the hot dog line. I refused to get in that line with the kids, and kept telling them they would get a hot dog later when the line got smaller. Hours later Ruby and Moxy started pulling on my pants because there was no line. We got up to the hotdog stand and they handed us a bun with a wink. Moxy peered inside the hotdog and there was no dog, just a warm bun. I told the kids to go put ketchup and mustard on their buns, and they did so with great enjoyment. There were other kids who got no dog in their buns, I didn't have the heart to take a picture.

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