Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Bethel Easter Egg Hunt

This started around 12:00 and literally ended 15 seconds later.
There were three different hunts. This is the 1-3 year old egg hunt.

If you look closely at this picture you will see adult hands grabbing candy and eggs. And in the picture below you see the adults "helping" their kids get candy. I am not sure why adults even entered the ring, as even a 1 year old knows how to pick up candy.
Ruby gave candy to a few little girls, because they did not even get a single piece of candy, and were all dressed up with an easter basket. I thought some of the parents were going to start crying. This is one of those Bethel Rights of Passage things. :)

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Sarah said...

I love that it's called a "hunt" as if one is searching for the treats. It's all completely obvious and placed in a marked off area. There isn't an ounce of hunting involved and it is solely greed based. We have a similar "hunt" here (on grass, of course) and isn't there a better way? A little bit of hunt and a little less greed for candy, of all things? I like the fire hats-that's good!