Saturday, January 16, 2010

K300 Dog Race

Kuskokwim 300: A Race Like No Other TRAILER from Chris Ho on Vimeo.

I thought this was a cool trailer about the K-300. I think there is going to be a show after the race ends. K-300 is the local dog sled race which goes for 300 miles. It is a qualifying race for the Iditerod. Lance Mackey is here for the first time, he has won the Iditerod 3 times. This year the weather is brutal. -15 degrees with windchill making it -50 degrees.

The morning after the race start. This weather is so horrible. I hate to think of those poor dog feet out there on that ice.

We went to the K-300 Fiddle dance. The kids were the first on the dance floor. Below: Moxy headed to that well lit door where cakes and treats are waiting to be sold. He would strut across the floor, trying to be sneaky. We would catch him throughout the evening trying to grab juice boxes and snickers from the snack cart. He would have got away with it, if mommy and daddy were not watching.

Finally Moxy sleeping in the kid area. He lasted until about 11:00, this freed Greg and I up to finally dance. Ruby is the photographer in this picture.

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s. maddrey said...

What a cute couple! Lovely! And a great photographer!