Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day

Ruby very serious, because she is concentrating on the candy being thrown from the floats. One of the troopers said, "here ya go," and threw a piece of candy up high for her to catch and it hit her in the head.

Moxy found the nearest pair of legs to hold on to because he was scared. He does not know this man, and I have a feeling that Moxy's long finger nails were hurting this poor guy.

This is a national guard toy. We call it the catapillar. We are told it is a tundra toy specifically for Alaska.

Our little friend Jackson Bolt Iverson. Cute blanket. He was named after that Jamaican runner.

One of the popular toys to buy was air guns. SO many kids running around and shooting at each other. Ruby found a gun on the ground and started shooting it at Moxy. Most of the parents were teaching their kids not to point their toy gun at people.

Andrew singing at the gathering...far left.

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