Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fiddle Dance Fun

First note: Auntie Susan made these adorable little tops for the kids. They resemble the Kuspuks that people wear out here. They love there little tops.

Second note: we went to the fiddle dance last night, and both kids were like dancing tazmanian devils. Sometimes Ruby was out there by herself swaying her hips and waving her arms, and sometimes Moxy would be in the corner stomping his feet. Ruby had a lot of fun with one boy named Michael. I was sitting in the bleachers and Greg was watching the kids on the floor, and I started hearing people say, "look at the that little girl, she has that boy in a headlock." Yes it was Ruby putting wrestling moves on this little boy. She had her legs wrapped around the boys belly and had both arms around his neck. She had the death grip on him. The little boy was laughing hard, and Ruby was trying to get him to "tap out." The people in the bleachers thought this was a funny scene, I felt both mortified and a little proud :).

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