Monday, February 18, 2008

Ruby's First Snow Go Ride

Ruby got her first snow go ride around the block with the neighbor's son John. Ruby really did not seem to know what to think. But she went anyways without a fuss. She probaly does not know what is going to happen yet, so she is calm and curious during this picture.

She is checking out the machine in this picture. This is a ski-doo skandic. Most people have these types of snow machines in Bethel because they are work horses and fun to ride. If we were to get a snow mobile, this is the one that we would buy. Were not going to buy one, because then we would have to use Moxy and Ruby's college fund to purchase one.

Ruby just got back from the ride and does not seem to thrilled, in fact seconds later she let out a quick cry for a hug.

John had fun on the snow machine. He took me and Ruby together on the snow-machine and Ruby seemed to like it even though she was not begging to get back on.

Ruby is getting a comfort hug from Dorothy.


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