Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mom and Dad made it to Alaska just in time for Thanksgiving. They got lucky as the weather in Bethel is starting to stir up snow with wind gusts.

Grandma and Ruby loving eachother!

Grandpa was made the babysitter!

Leprechaun's Dream....oops how did that picture get in there?

Turkey before!

AFTER being cooked!

cranberry sauce, made from scratch and so yummy. It was so good!

One can Thanksgiving. I know there is three cans but we didn't make the green bean casserole because we already had so much food. We made everything pretty much by scratch. My mom and I worked in the kitchen for 7 hours literally cooking delicious meals that my mom found on the food network channel. Thanks Giada and Ita for some awsome recipes!

This is delicious stuffing: We made it with homemade french bread loafs, apples, toasted almonds, celery and holiday spices. Oh my god this was delicious!

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