Monday, October 1, 2007

Moxy Sullivan Simmons joins the family

Tuesday, Septemeber 25th 2007 Moxy joined the family. He was delivered in 4 hours, and was very kind to this mama. We thought he would be coming on Thursday because he was two weeks late and the doctor wanted to induce him as a saftey measure. i had a feeling that he woud be coming before then. Greg was one foot out the door for work when I felt the first labor pain. I called out to Greg letting him know that I had finally felt something. His sister was furousiously nursing through the short lived but painful contractions. We didn't want to jump to any conclusions so we waited for about 20 minutes to see if there was a pattern in the contractions and sure enough there was. Because Ruby took all day before I finally delivered her I figured we had all day before our little baby was born. Greg went to work for a little bit when i realized that the pain was so excrutiating even though they were only 15-20 second contractions. I called my neighbor Dorothy to let her know that I was in labor. She thought I had time as well. Ruby followed me around the house walking back and forth with me while I labored away. I decided to jump on the bed thinking it would soothe the pain. Ruby followed me, crawled under me and nursed away. This caused bigger contractions, the kind that made me feel sick, I vomited, and immediately called Greg telling him to come home because I was ready to go to the hospital. I then called Dorothy asking her to come get Ruby. Dorothy and Ruby arrived at about the same time. Greg was running around trying to get us ready for the hospital because of course we did not pack a bag yet, and trying to get Ruby ready for dorothy's house. Dorothy rubbed my back and made me feel better. Finally Dorothy told Greg, " Get her to the hospital." It was difficult getting out of the house and I was scared to have to sit in the car and go through labor. I finally made it out the door in between contractions. The car ride sucked, Bethel has bumpy roads and lots of pot holes. Greg tried hard to make it smooth, I moaned and groaned the whole way. It was only 1.3 miles so it wasn't too terrible getting there. I walked to the OB department looking scarey and vomiting. The nurses took me into a delivery room trying to check me to see how far along I was. The nurse had a difficult time checking me as the contractions were so strong that I didn't want to be touched. The contractions came in waves and quickly. She finally was able to check me and told me I was dilated between 8 and 9. Thank God because I thought I was being a huge wimp and kept telling myself to suck it up because the pain would just get worse. Now after arriving to the OB ward 10 minutes later I would get to push the little Moxy out. During this time Greg was able to slip my lucky tye dye socks on for the pushing, and I got to witness him prepare himself for the new baby. Greg was great he knew exactly what to do to soothe me.

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